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First, please consider becoming a MEMBER, by going to our MEMBER REGISTRATION FORM.

Beyond supporting membership, we need volunteers.  There are a variety of ways that the members of the party can get involved to help move this party, and our country, forward.  So in order to let our members decide where they can be the most helpful, we've come up with a list of jobs targeted toward these different strengths. 

Please fill out THIS FORM, and someone will follow up with you soon to make sure you have the opportunity to get involved.


The American Conservative Party (ACP) is a grassroots party built from the ground up through its membership.  Our funding is thus developed based on Supporting and Sustaining membership.


Regardless of your current Party registration status, if you're in accord with the Principles of the ACP, please pick a membership option below that fits your budget.

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If you're registered with another party, it is not necessary to change your party registration at this time. To volunteer to help the Party grow, and support the process of getting our Party recognized in your State, please go to our VOLUNTEER PAGE


If you'd like to mail a check for your Membership Dues, please fill out THIS FORM, and send it along with the check to our headquarters:


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Comment by Kenneth McClenton on July 7, 2011 at 9:35pm

To the Beloved:


Thank you for joining the most important Initiative that our Urban Communities have ever experienced.


We encourage you to prepare for the biggest challenge of your life.  You will gain friends and rid yourself of many enemies.  You will change the lives of many in pews, kitchen tables and marketplaces.  You must be ready to change the world.  100% commitment.  No turning back. 


The challenge begins in St. Louis, MO.  We will have a special breakout session to inform you about the American Conservative Committee Urban Initiative.  Please go to Move-On-Up.Org to register or take advantage of this Facebook event site:

I look forward to our Committee changing our communities and spreading the message of conservatism like never before!  See ya in St. Louis!
Comment by Kenneth McClenton on August 16, 2011 at 2:00pm
American Conservative Committee--Urban Initiative Print E-mail


The Will for An Urban Initiative


Raise diverse leaders of conservative principles to govern soundly and liberate urban citizens from one-party rule.


Address the concerns of education, economics and elections in urban centers through United States Constitutional principles, scholastic and enterprise creation activities and electoral candidate development


Access the urban cultural institutions of education, economic, government, family and faith to promote individual liberty and restrained government

Build awareness that conservative principles are the most profitable means of improving academic outcomes, increasing the numbers of entrepreneurs and laborers and limiting role of government in the daily lives of citizens.


Court and develop men and women to hum- bly represent the citizen body and to secure and defend human liberty through the employ of elected office.


The Urban Initiative Agenda:

  1. Identify, support and elect men and women to seats of governance whom employ the principles of conservatism
    above party allegiance or personal gain.
  2. Identify, support and promote organizations that provide instruction on Constitutional and conservative principles and beliefs to urban populations
  3. Identify, support and promote organizations that pursue economic liberation through enterprise development, equity investments, financial literacy, banking and finance, home ownership training and other educational activities
  4. Identify, support and promote organizations that uphold the right of every parent the power and freedom to choose their children's education. 

Our Goal for 2012:


Economic Growth and Educational Choice are not accidents of politics. These gains have been made by the blood, sweat, tears and prayers of many grassroots activists and principled servants of the electorate. However, in order to broaden the reach of these ideals and to protect those that benefit from current implementation, we must elect those to office that understand and are willing to secure such liberties.


Each American Conservative Committee Urban Initiative Champion will identify principled, conservative candidates to support and elect to village, town, city and state elected boards and offices.


LET US BE CLEAR! This is a long term journey that will require the efforts of committed individuals to work with loyal organizations to secure our freedoms.

One Voice. One Vow. One Vote.

American Conservative Party
1900 Campus Commons Dr., Suite 100, Reston, VA 20191

If you have questions, please shoot an email to Ken McClenton at
Or call: 202--550--3174

Comment by Kenneth McClenton on February 29, 2012 at 1:08pm

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you for joining me in this journey to "Radically Transform Urban America".

We seek to tear away the vicious results of liberal tyranny and implement prudent reform strategies in every area of Urban culture: Individual, Family, Economy, Government and Faith.

What will Radical Change require: One Voice. One Vow. One Vote.  We need to hear your voices beyond Election 2012.  We need your affectionate vows expressed beyond the limits of living room frustration and kitchen table exasperation.  Dropping your bucket where you stand, in spite of victim filled liberal social demarcations, we ask that you put your hands to the plow at every level of anticipated effort.  We ask that you move beyond the scheduled vote of confidence in a person, a personality or party and promote the vote of change for prosperity.  We value your voice, your vow and your vote.  Each will garner a fruit of radical change as we press onward to our mark of high calling.

I ask that you open your local center of radical change online at  It is here that we will begin initiating referendums of change.  You will be the Captain of that change.  You will design, lead and guide it.  Trust me, your local efforts of ONE will impact the world like no other.

I look forward to your commitment to Exceptionalism!  As well, I encourage you to be strong and courageous in Radically Transforming the Urban Culture.


Ken McClenton

The Urban Initiative DC Chapter


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