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Basic Strategies That All Motorcyclist Should Know About

You will discover three basic strategies that each and every scooters for kids riders should become aware of. Also sophisticated street bike competitors can make use of a refresher about the essentials:

1st, you must grasp the actual "head in addition to eyes" approach. This means exactly that wherever you look is the place where this street bike will go. The rationale the phrase "head…


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2nd Amendment Democrat Stops Armed Robbers!

I wonder how his party's anti-gun lobby will respond to heroic ( and armed! ) Democratic Pennsylvania state representative Marty Flynn who had a recent gun battle with would-be robbers? Liberal rhetoric met reality when Flynn returned fire after one of the thugs began shooting.

I'm glad Second Amendment Democrats exist, despite the best efforts of Michael Bloomberg and other progressive…


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New Orleans Black Police Chief A GOTV Gimmick


The week after Mary Landrieu qualified to run to hold her embattled US Senate seat, her brother Mitch, New Orleans mayor, decided we suddenly needed a Black police superintendent. After the failed tenure of Ronal Serpas, his lifelong friend, now this majority Black, Democratic city gets Michael Harrison,…


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MOVEONUP: Engineering Consent

The Century of the self - 2of4 The Engineering of Consent from saso dzuljo petrovski on Vimeo.

For the past several years, this writer has been trying to make sense out of what is going on in America. To this writer's mind, the events and political discourse…


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How To Find The Lowest Priced Kid Scooters bb

For a few people, this scooters for kids are generally a high-end product. Many scooters for sale are quite expensive, but they may be more costly. For anyone who is on the preset earnings, the money necessary for make payment on motor scooters are frequently over your wages allowances. When you're in cases like this, the easiest way should be to carry similar evaluation. You need to evaluate the characteristics and price in the…


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Fergueson 2.0? St Louis Cop Kills Black Man


An off duty St Louis police officer shot and killed an 18 year old Black man named Vonderrit D. Myers, Wednesday night.

The St Louis police chief says Myers initiated the gun battle by firing three times at the officer before his gun jammed. The cop, who has not been named at this time, returned fire 17 times.

The young man's mother told the Associated Press her son had a sandwich in his hands…


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Black Folks Who Defend Chocolate Klansmen



Last night, I heard a great presentation about how the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office uses little- known state racketeering statutes to indict and prosecute hyper violent local street gangs. Some Black attendees took issue with the fact such gangs were targeted, despite how they script our…


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Occupy Activist Threatens Police Officer's Family


In the recent past, I was asked to organize security by organizers of the now-defunct Occupy Nola group in New Orleans. Since witnessing history doesn't come too often, I took the opportunity to see firsthand how society allowed large numbers of transient liberal White folks to take over public parks. In this instance, the park in question was directly across from city hall. Occupy Nola's tents and milling masses definitely weren't " out of sight; out of mind " to…


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Have You Disarmed A Legally Armed Negro Today?


Many moons ago, as a teen, the closet door in my folks' kitchen was mysteriously locked. My mother, mindful of rampant neighborhood crime, was concerned someone may have snuck inside it. She handed me grand dad's snub nosed .357 and asked me to cover her while she tested the door. All ended well, no intruder was discovered and no shots fired.

This recollection came to mind upon hearing  this weekend about a $100,000 grant to a local gun…


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Watch Your Back In NOLA


Looking over your shoulder and carrying self-defense items are second nature in high crime areas. While the Left has psychologically disarmed many, there remain Americans who decide to own their level of safety. Black ones need to make this decision non-negotiable. especially with limousine liberals and country club conservatives too comfortable with terror endured by the inner city. 

My scenic New Orleans street has hosted homicide,…


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Is Jesse Matthew A Sexual Predator?

wanted jesse matthew

I'm following the case of Jesse Matthew, suspected serial sex offender, because one of the primal, unspoken fears in the national subconscious is predators roaming the countryside, kidnapping women. The racial angle, Mathew is obviously a Black man, hasn't even been whispered in mainstream media.

Perhaps it's best I leave it…


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Good Hygiene As Homeland Security

While fear of  Ebola sweeps America, I keep hearing advice good parents preached about good hygiene echoes in my mind- am I the only one? These days, good hygiene and homeland security may be the same as foreign plagues, uninoculated illegal…


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Disarming Hostages In New Orleans


I recently had an unpleasant encounter with an Orleans Parish Sheriffs deputy. The scene of the encounter was the checkpoint leading to the Civil District Court. Being an anti crime activist & citizen on patrol ( and germophobe, some joke ), isn't too popular…


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Obama Justice Department Won't Charge George Zimmerman

As a citizen on patrol, who happens to be Black, the Trayvon Martin case was one I literally saw from both sides. I have observed individuals I considered suspicious and have been subjected to police stops- none by fellow citizen patrollers.  I'm also one of the conservatives who openly…


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Real Estate Agent's Murder Raises Industry Security Concerns

The recent murder of Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter sheds light on yet another American industry forced to address security issues. Speculation suggest the fact she was a woman working alone prompted the murder.

While doing property…


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Michael Dunn Convicted of First Degree Murder

The latest episode of this Florida loud music saga ended today with defendant Michael Dunn being found guilty of first degree murder. Critics wondered whether he, a White male, would be found guilty of killing Jordan Davis…


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Politically Correct Security At The White House

Now that the embattled US Secret Service Director Julia Pierson has fallen on her sword, it's time to ask whether Affirmative Action is the wisest safety policy. On the radio today, Rush Limbaugh theorized Ms. Pierson was appointed to provide better " optics " for the agency in the wake of…


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Alton Nolan & Confused Muslim Brothers

Black men who are Muslims shouldn't be weak willed and feel they need to become " imitation extremist Arabs " in order to be sufficiently Muslim. Genocidal, jihadist Arab nationalism has nothing to do with the Black experience in America. I note Black Muslims like Malcolm X and…


Added by CAP BLACK on September 30, 2014 at 12:30pm — No Comments

MOVEONUP: Dakota County MN Courts Engineer Verdict Against Michelle MacDonald

We all have been told that ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking the law. Does the same go for Law Enforcement and the Courts? This writer presumes that his working knowledge of the statutes of the State he resides in is sufficient to inform himself of the rules, but is it?

To allow the reader to experience this thought process a little more up close…


Added by Don Mashak on September 28, 2014 at 11:57pm — No Comments

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