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Taking the Conservative Message to Another Level Will Require Us to Step Away from the Path So Easily Trodden. The Regular Talking Points of Obama Scandals, Obama Care and Obama Don't Care Have Made Their Rounds. As They Strike at the Guardians of Propaganda, They Fall Harmlessly to the Ground. To Save the Republic, We Must Attack the Roots that Have Grown Deeply and Ruined the Harvest of Constitutionalism and Conservatism. We…


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Common sense is not so Common

Click below:  (warning- foul language )

You get the idea..

p.s. I negate the the "white guy" notion.…


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Kenneth McClenton

I Wanted My Future Grandchild to Know What Freedom and Liberty Were Before His or Her Generation Were Born Into Slavery and Despotism. President Ronald Reagan Advised that "Freedom and Liberty" Were Not Guaranteed to Our Posterity. It Was Something that They Would Have to Fight to Protect. Having Followed the Weakest Foreign Policy President in the History of the United States, Reagan Warned Us to Not Consider Our Natural Rights So Secure that They Could…


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When did the Hoodlums get rights ?

Seriously.. When did the law change to allow thugs to break the law, degrade the Police, distract fault by inciting a riot and stealing from your fellow man ?!!!

Thanks to the current President and his Attorney General we are living in Bizarro-World.  Yeah !  I blame Barak H. Obama for giving people the impression that the laws of the land can be manipulated to suit our distorted needs.…


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Justice For Rev WLT Littleton


" I chose justice for a retired New Orleans police officer & pastor who was about to be run over by two career criminals when he defended himself! Safety IS a civil right and the good Reverend shouldn't be denied justice for using it!" -Cap…

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MOVEONUP: Judicial Showdown at the Minnesota Republican State Fair Booth Coral

As this writer listened to the news a few days ago, he heard talk of some dust up at the Republican Party booth at the Minnesota State Fair. It became apparent to this writer that the Main Stream Media was trying…


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Will Women Ever Stand Up for the Second?

In the District of Colunbia, Women Represent 53% of the Total Population. As the leading group, we find that they are the most victimized in rape/sexual assault, robbery, or aggravated or simple assault. Would not the ability to defend oneself increase victor-hood and decrease victim-hood. Yes, however, even the female Democrat mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser is opposed to women defending themselves. At least, defending oneself with a firearm.  The same people that want both equal…


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West Point Miss Hate Crime

Beating White people in the name of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, slavery, you-name-it, is Klan behavior! It's also a sick commentary on how low some have sunk!

How does a people with state ( & privately )-sponsored racist terrorism so recent in its…


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The Logic Behind Black Cops For Black Communities Post

Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson

I recently posted a Black race card-defusing suggestion entitled, " Black Cops For Black Communities. "

Original link:…


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Learning to Fight Like an American at the Free Syrian Army Training Camp

By Sara Elizabeth Williams

April 3, 2014 | 10:30 am

This article originally appeared on VICE UK

“I do not want to mention my name,” said a 20-year-old Free Syrian Army fighter, “because the camp we practiced in was highly classified.”

So classified, in fact, that the CIA—which is rumored to be running the camp (but declined to comment for this article)—still won’t acknowledge it exists.

For nearly a year, rumors have swirled about a covert, US-run…


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Turkish allies flying 'new al-Qaeda' fighters to Syria with U.S. support:

June 23, 2013

"A new Al-Qaeda has been created in the region through the financial and logistical backup of Turkey... and a number of western states, [e]specially the US..."

Our NATO partner's and long considered one of our closest allies in the Muslim world, the Turks are now reportedly using their national airlines to ferry al-Qaeda terrorists to fight with the rebels in the Syrian Civil War, all with the support and approval of both the American and British governments, as…


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Black Cops For Black Communitie​s?

While I support police of all colors, I'm not supportive of constant Black claims of racism when a White officer shoots a Black male subject. This impasse gives politicians opportunity to pander for Black votes as self-styled champions of we,…

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I Have Always Believed that Obama's Leninist Strategies for Fundamentally Transforming America Were Heinous and Foolhardy. However, I'm Not the Most Brilliant Man on Internet Radio or TV. So I turn to Experts in the Field of Foreign, Military and Domestic Policies to Make the Complex So Simplistic that Even I Understand It.  That is Why I Love When Nonie Darwish, Founder of Arabs for Israel, appears on Our Program. She Breaks It All Down for A Brotha.

Nonie, What Do You…


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President Vladimir Putin has Figured Out Obama. ISIS has Figured Out Obama. The Ferguson Looters Have Figured Out Obama. The Media Has Figured Out Obama. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has Figured Out Obama. Only Netanyahu despises the Accounting. Obama Hates America. Specifically White America. The Truth of the Obama Presidency is that if White America Does Not Suffer More, if White Americans Do Not Succumb to Open Borders, Wealth Redistribution and Loss of Constitutional Rights then,…


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MOVEONUP: Analysis of the treatment of Banksters - Democrats vs. Republicans

How Congress is like TVs Pro-Wrestling? Pretend to be Opponents but Choreographed moves & paid by the same company

Progressive US AG Eric Holder recently proclaimed in an interview: “If you want to call me an activist attorney general, I will proudly accept that label,” While this writer is moved to expound that the proper role of the Executive branch under which the US…


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Many on the Left criticize those on the Right for lacking compassion.  There are never enough food stamps, extensions of unemployment or government subsidized homes to sprinkle amongst the least, the last and the lost. Always the passionate lot until there is truly one in need and there is a conservative approach available to assistance a person committed to leaving behind the shackles of poverty.  Congressman Raul Grijalva certainly would not want a constituent needing him less and…


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Fires of Fergueson Already Lit In The Hood

The flames fanning in Fergueson, MO, after the death of Michael Brown, are actually already lit within inner cities from coast to coast. The Hood experiences rioting on a regular basis, as its steady stream of homicide and property crime attests.

Those in my age group can remember how hoodrats ran wild in 1992 after the original verdict in the Rodney King case, in which thugs went of a national rampage and George H. W. Bush ordered another trial, one whose…


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