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New Orleans Carrollton Area Recently Besieged!

Carrollton home invastion.jpg

The recent wave of home invasion and even rape in the upscale Carrollton area underscores how New Orleans predicate felons are allowed to roam at will.

NOPD is arresting; re-arresting & even re-re-arresting them, while a veritable alphabet soup of agencies; a federal consent decree monitor; a federal judge & the US Justice Department, look over their shoulders. 
After capture,…

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I Don't Need White Folks To Like Me.

I don't need White folks to like me.

Dramatic pause.

Conclusion leapers will now note that I don't hate White folks, so the above is  " hate " speech only if you need it to be.

At issue is the question of to what extent, if any, members of the ( shrinking ) majority population control how Black men navigate society?

A friend who's White recently told me he felt sorry for me since, as a "…


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The Justification For Justifiable Homicide

Inline image 3
Squeamish types wring their hands at the mere mention of private citizens using deadly force to defend themselves or others! 
Such panty waisted prognosticators are a felon's best bet at psychologically disarmed victims whom he can harm or kill with no resistance.
A peek at the 2012 FBI Crime In The United States report reveals a whopping 14, 827 homicides…

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Make Peace With America: My Safety Strategy


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NOPD Superintendent Serpas: Chief of White New Orleans?

Inline image 2
Some will think me harsh to question whether New Orleans police superintendent Ronal Serpas is exclusively a police chief only for White folks?


Your concerns are duly noted, unlike mine and other Black anti crime and civil rights activists in this majority Black city.
For four years I have watched as my input and that of other majority population members…

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A T-Shirt For White Liberals In The Hood!

The solution to violent crime plaguing liberal White folks colonizing the Hood is:

Wear t-shirts declaring, " Don't Shoot- I Voted For Obama!, " so chocolate Klansmen ( my nick name for hoods in the Hood ) won't harm you!

All jokes aside, it underscores the fatal folly of moving to areas whose criminals blame White folks for EVERYTHING!

Ever notice how peers who're talking heads and progressive donors " help "…


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The Reentry Program Racket

"Mass incarceration" is the latest limp ( beyond soft ) on crime buzz phrase by sincere activists and sadly, profiteers.
A Black community minus crack dealers and addicts is a better one, unless you're a liberal program profiteer fearing conservatives benefit too much from incarceration.
Notice the push to end mass incarceration is coupled by a looming reentry racket…

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From Kids To Combatants

New Orleans latest one-sided competition in its often bloody urban Olympics featured a crew of junior chocolate Klansmen, ages 11, 13, 14 & 17, arrested for armed robbery??? 

The instant they chose to stick a gun in victims faces is the moment they transitioned from kids to combatants!

Liberals & pro crime activists in zip codes like mine are convulsing, whining about how these guys are, " ( YAWN! ) underprivileged;…


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Wednesday's March Outside Orleans Parish Prison

Photo by Stacy Coco


Here's my letter to the editor which probably won't be published regarding this travesty.



Wednesday's march outside the Orleans Parish Prison ( hereafter OPP ) was another episode of selective outrage by New Orleans felon-friendly fringe.
Admittedly, OPP isn't the Ritz Carlton, but it's occupants aren't Club Med…

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Will A High Income Death Change 1100th Block of Canal?

( New Orleans ): I've wasted key board strokes & video time warning about the horrors of the 1100th block of Canal Street to a disinterested Democratic City Council & 8th District commander.


Yesterday's shooting there confirms the expendability of that's block's low income demographic.
I'm forced to conclude that only the tragedy of a high income death, perhaps of a patron of the…

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Electoral Fraud Or Payback Against Black Juvenile Judge?

Inline image 1
( New Orleans ): And so it begins!
My question is, is this election fraud or political pay back by the Landrieu camp for a Black candidate defeating his pick, Doug Hammel?

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Cap Black Birthday Food Giveaway 2014

Inline image 1

On my birthday April 11th, please show some love to these two groups! Everybody needs a surprise smile  :) Sometimes the worst crime is NOT showing you care!
Inline image 2

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Black Conservatives Get Profiled Too!

Critics of Black conservatives think we somehow are blind, deaf & dumb to racial profiling.
As a Black male Southerner, that's not my perspective. I only respond when I think it's warranted, which is now:
Today ( 3/19/14 ) I was racially profiled, ironically by a rude Black female employee, at the…

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One Community Impediment To Police/Bla​ck Relations

NOTE: Is this happening in your city, too?
Quite often as I observe local police reform advocates I unfortunately see too many convicts, communists and crackpots and too few concerned citizens and supporters of better policing.
While I know from long experience how even law abiding Black citizens are ignored by the so-called powers-that-be, I don't think the community impediment above helps…

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Where Are Black Male Voices In The NOPD Consent Decree?

I just left a meeting of the group Justice & Beyond, whose topic today was the New Orleans Police Department ( NOPD ) federal consent decree.

After hearing presentations by Assistant US Attorney Steve Parker and Deputy Independent Police Monitor Simone Levine, I posed a burning question to both, but Mr. Parker hadn't returned to the room yet.
My question was why are…

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IN THE GROUND Protests For Urban Safety!

This is my humble alternative to liberal anti-" Stand Your Ground " protests:

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black The Hood Conservative, anti crime activist & Project 21 member in New Orleans.…


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Dont Rush To Judge Officer Hirdes

While on record as opposing the NOPD superintendent's mistreatment of officers of all colors and Black anti crime activists, I'm nonetheless troubled by local coverage of the recent shooting of Keith Atkinson by officer Jonathan Hirdes ( seen getting award ) in New…


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Thug Management At Urban Events


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AL Black Democrat Uses Hoodrat Logic!

Controversial speech: Democrat Rep. Alvin Holmes said '99 per cent' of white Republicans who are anti abortion would force their daughter to have one if she got pregnant by a black man


This was a world class display of the hoodrat "logic" which passes for some Black Democrat thought! State representative Alvin Holmes accused pro-life White Alabama state house members of choosing abortion if their daughters were impregnated by  Black men??? 
Some may say I'm being harsh by calling this "hoodrat logic,"  but it…

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Released Cop Killer Sets Public Safety Backward

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.51.48 PM

The release of Marshall "Eddie" Conway is another epic step backward in de-racializing public safety.
His role in the 1970 murder of a Baltimore cop shouldn't be downplayed by awestruck modern liberals glad the smoke of that violent period has…

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