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West Point Miss Hate Crime

Beating White people in the name of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, slavery, you-name-it, is Klan behavior! It's also a sick commentary on how low some have sunk!

How does a people with state ( & privately )-sponsored racist terrorism so recent in its…


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The Logic Behind Black Cops For Black Communities Post

Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson

I recently posted a Black race card-defusing suggestion entitled, " Black Cops For Black Communities. "

Original link:…


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Black Cops For Black Communitie​s?

While I support police of all colors, I'm not supportive of constant Black claims of racism when a White officer shoots a Black male subject. This impasse gives politicians opportunity to pander for Black votes as self-styled champions of we,…

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Fires of Fergueson Already Lit In The Hood

The flames fanning in Fergueson, MO, after the death of Michael Brown, are actually already lit within inner cities from coast to coast. The Hood experiences rioting on a regular basis, as its steady stream of homicide and property crime attests.

Those in my age group can remember how hoodrats ran wild in 1992 after the original verdict in the Rodney King case, in which thugs went of a national rampage and George H. W. Bush ordered another trial, one whose…


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Police Shoot-Losers Loot!

" Police shoot- losers loot! ' This has been the sad dynamic following ( usually White ) officer-involved shootings of Black subjects. I note it's also the first significant one of the Obama administration. Looting doesn't bring justice to Michael…

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Batman 300 & Fearless: Old School Brothers United

I have a commonsense coalition of Old School American Blacks who may not vote the same, but nonetheless promote the same traditional values! Top unifiers include opposing Black On Black crime and the so-called culture weaponizing youth against the inner city Hood and Heartland ( White community ). Together, we're a united front against the criminality-as-Black-identity destroying all we hold dear.

Preservatives are using You Tube to speak out against the…


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Some White Folks Are Volunteer Victims

You might ask, " what is a volunteer victim? "  Trust me my fellow Americans, it's one of the weird consequences of a society with more abundance than some minds can handle.

Volunteer victims are liberal White folks, like Reginald Denny of LA Rodney King Riot…


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New Orleans St Roch Ave Attacks Sign of Political Correctnes​s Gone Awry

" New Orleans has become SO politically correct that gutter punks are allowed to trespass and panhandle at will and residents are told it's their first amendment right to do so. Street thugs take note of such obvious lack of political will and rampage confident police and politicians will do nothing. New Orleans is in a death grip applied by vandals and a politically correct power structure whose do-nothing…

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The ( Often Bloody ) Limits of White Benevolence

                    William Murphy, photographed his injuries while in the ambulance, left, and in the hospital following an attack Sunday, July 27, in the St. Roch neighborhood.                                             (Photos courtesy of William…

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Should Black Folks Support Israel?











Since the late 20 Century, the state of Israel has been unfavorably compared to Apartheid South Africa and the southern fried apartheid of Jim Crow in the minds of American Blacks. This development…


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Eric Garner & Black Male/Police Relations













The Eric Garner case seems destined to join the pantheon of Black male victims of alleged police brutality. This Staten Island incident has provoked debate and even the…


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Tony Dungy Doesn't Have To Prostrat​e Before Gay Rights Altar

CAP BLACK SAYS: " Dungy isn't required to prostrate himself at the…

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Shamiya Adams Is Dead Because Of Stray Gunfire At Sleepover


Tragedies like this should evoke instant " cease fires " among not only inner city chocolate Klansmen who clearly don't care, but also warring political tribes popularly known as Black conservatives and Black liberals. When…


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Can Brothers & Badges Unite In New Orleans?

The mixture of Black men & police is America's most dangerous public safety dynamic as evidenced by the growing outrage over the death of Eric Garner in Staten Island. Bringing it home to New Orleans, the picture isn't improved by the wall of silence from NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas regarding Black males and our police concerns.

Superintendent Serpas doesn't meet with the NAACP nor other advocates regarding brutality and racial profiling allegations.…


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Liberalism Is A Step Down For Black Folks


Liberalism for Black folks, to me and other skeptics, means stepping down off a historic, high pedestal as America's perennial public test  of biblical and constitutional commitment to being little more than case loads progressives use for tax payer funded…


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Invasion of The Black Church Snatchers

Like many old school/Old Testament Black men, I distanced myself from a Black church too quiet about Jim Crow-lite in  Democrat-led cities during the 80s; which also added insult to injury by excusing violence and thug culture as society's fault instead of the communities where it festers. I went from a United Methodist altar boy to an activist who changed his name to reflect status as someone born free from past enslavement.

 " What about Jesus?, " was my…


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Black Conservatives & Inner City Crime

Last week, as a group of young Black men who'd just shot at someone pushed their way through a crowded bus stop ( on New Orleans world famous Canal Street's baddest block, the 1100th ), I saw yet another justification for opposing this mindset. Its random lethality re-enforces de-sanctifying inner city crime as Black conservative's top priority  The Left, led by White progressives, dutifully followed by Black Amen corners, offers reentry programs designed to line their pockets and…


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Ray Nagin Gets Ten Year Love Tap


" New Orleans former mayor Nagin got a 10 year love tap today, for which I hope he'll be eternally grateful, considering 20 or more years was the maximum penalty. This shouldn't be spun into a moratorium on the fitness of Black mayors as a political class, nor fodder for…


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Yet Another Cute Black New Orleans Baby Shot



Na'Tasha "Minnie" Thompson ( age 3 ), is yet another cute Black New Orleans baby who has been shot and those I call pro-crime activists will mentally press mute until the rare instance when non-Black culprits are involved. Two teenagers were also wounded in the attack and one would…


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Gov. Jindal: Please Issue Governor's Warrant For Bourbon St Suspect

Please appeal to Governor Bobby Jindal to issue a governor's warrant to Mississippi's governor to release Bourbon St shooting suspect Trung T. Le, so justice can begin for the 10 victims, including the late 21-year-old nursing student Brittany Thomas.​
"" After a closed hearing Monday morning at the Harrison County jail, " Judge Bruce Strong said Le’s refusal to be…

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