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A case of buyer's remorse from an Obama voter and former supporter

My name is Teresa, and I voted for Obama. And I regret it.

Like many Americans, I was at the edge of my seat during the 2008 Democrat presidential primary, when it was neck and neck between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama. I was rooting for Obama. Between his Ivy League background, his inspirational "Hope and Change" rhetoric and, well, his race, I wanted him to make history.

Through his landmark victory at the polls to his inauguration, my heart swelled with pride at knowing that in my lifetime, a black person was elected the most powerful leader in the world. It was a momentous occasion for schools too. Students gathered in auditoriums to watch his historic inauguration on TV and big screens. My daughter wore a blue sweater with the American flag on it that day.

Immediately after taking office, Obama rolled up his sleeves and set to work fixing the economy. He passed the $787 billion Stimulus Act in February 2009, and I thought, This man is really getting down to business!

No surprise Republicans didn't feel this way. In February 2009, when I was covering an NJ GOP gubernatorial candidate's visit to a local Republican club, I felt like I was in a lion's den as a Democrat. Republicans I spoke to after the candidate's address said they didn't like what Obama was "doing to this country." Did you forget we're in this financial hole because of Bush's decision to launch a meaningless war? I thought. Did you forget that he green lighted an $800 billion bank bailout? Did you forget it was Bush's fault we're in this mess?

And I was thrilled when I learned from watching CNN that the Democrats passed the healthcare reform in 2010, realizing every liberal's dream for all to get affordable, accessible healthcare coverage. Apparently the Republicans thumbed their noses at this, but those selfish jerks didn't care about the 46 million people in the US without health insurance, I figured.

When the media was flooded with images of Tea Party members -- stereotyped as uncouth, backwoods, standard English-challenged white people -- with their protests signs demanding to "take their country back." I thought what any "free-thinking" liberal would think: "RACISTS!" It wasn't until a few years later, when I watched online videos (notice, plural) of black people at these rallies I realized the movement wasn't rooted in racism, but a genuine interest in saving the Constitution from a man who is seeking to alter its purpose for the sake of "liberalism."

Over time, Obama's "Change we can believe in" mantra lost its luster to me, starting with the administration's $80 billion auto industry bailout. Later, the government's bid to stimulate the alternative energy industry by loaning Solyndra $535 million went under when the company filed for bankruptcy in 2011. These turning points made me wake up to the fact that this nation's condition under Obama's leadership was a freaky roller coaster that wasn't going to end any time soon. Stop the ride -- I wanna get off!

The last straw for me was Obama's insistence that religious institutions cover employees' contraceptives with insurance -- a clear undermine of freedom of religion. Continuing his failure to understand these institutions' viewpoints, the Obama administration is strong arming these institutions by fining them $100 per day per employee. This could "bankrupt religious institutions that do not qualify for an exemption," reports.

Looking back at Obama's actions in the last four years ... now I get where his opponents are coming from. The Stimulus Act -- not a good idea; to keep debt down, you rein in spending, not throw it away. ObamaCare -- this is only going to hike up taxes. According to Real Clear Politics, ObamaCare already taxes by $400 billion over the next 10 years. But of course, all this is no surprise to anyone who protested his ideas to begin with;)

Yep, that "change" Obama promised did this country something, all right. At the dawn of Obama's term, the national gas price average was under $2, the national debt was about $10.7 trillion and national unemployment rate was 7.6 percent. Now the gas price average is almost $4, we're $15 trillion in the hole and the unemployment rate is 9.1 percent. What's more, the number of children in poverty ballooned by 2 million in the last two years and food stamp use spiked 70 percent during Obama's term.

I'm throwing my support to the Republicans, namely Mitt Romney, whom I'm voting for in the New Jersey June 6 primary. Even if Romney doesn't win the presidential nomination, I'm still voting Republican (even if it's Gingrich, whom I despise).

I'm tired of seeing Barack Obama running our precious Constitution through the shredder, steamrolling it and setting it on fire.

I'm tired of his mission and mandates eradicating what makes this country so great: actual hard work for gainful results and freedom to be what you want to be and do what you want to do. As an American daughter of an African-American man and a Filipina who emigrated and became a U.S. citizen, this country gave me and my family so much.

Most of all, I'm tired of knowing my daughter -- my precious, naive soon-to-be 10-year-old daughter who has no idea what she'll get into in 10 years -- is an unwitting debtor of a steep national IOU resulted from a broken economy and incompetent politicians.


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Comment by Jodi Carroll on March 6, 2012 at 1:56pm

I am in the same boat.  Barack Obama was the first politician that I ever voted for without holding my nose.  I was legitimately excited.  However, I had a huge awakening during the health care debate.  And I have given a speech on my journey and that awakening.  It's on youtube, as "Regretful Obama voter".

Moreover, check out this website: and take the time to look at the Left & Right arguments about health care, and really look at the fiscal calamity that our nation is headed for in the Federal Spending Fast Facts section.  Similarly, notice the budgets that this president keeps trying to pass, and how they are completely incompatible with the continuation of a future America.

Comment by Shelby Emmett on March 6, 2012 at 1:56pm

Great article!!!

Comment by Chris Arps on March 6, 2012 at 2:00pm

Let the lamestream media know that we're not all Obama Kool Aid drinkers! Please tweet or post on your Facebook wall.

Comment by Kenneth Douglas on March 6, 2012 at 2:47pm

Outstanding post! Obama bothered my spirit from the first time I heard about and checked him out. Just another Chicago political thug.

Comment by Black Quill and Ink Blog - BQI on March 6, 2012 at 3:09pm

One down and a couple million to go. With time, and a willingness to open one's mind and seek TRUTH, many more blacks would come to the same conclusion. There is hope.  

Comment by Earl G. Nesmith on March 6, 2012 at 3:31pm

Nice sequence of ideological evolution. So has it been with other 'folks' now that they see you as a 'traitor'?

Comment by Erin Platt on March 7, 2012 at 12:05pm

I am voting for Obama again because Ron Paul is not getting the nomination.  I may be able to sway to Mitt Romney, but New Gingrich?  If that man was the nominee, I would canvass and volunteer for Obama...


The reason that Obama has been such a terrible president is because he brought Hillary Clinton's cabinet into the White House with him.   This is who he picks for Sec of State?  God help us

Comment by Teresa Sarne Edmond on March 8, 2012 at 10:44am

@Earl No, not yet.

Comment by Teresa Sarne Edmond on March 8, 2012 at 10:45am

Thanks for all your comments:)

Comment by scott Patrick on March 10, 2012 at 5:54pm

I have to say that after 8 years of Bush__, I too was glad that we had a vote for someone who wanted "change". I never thought that he would be a sell-out and was just playing us. He sold us out and continues to do so. I don't mind the wealth and living large with his family, but that he could fail all those who "hope" in him. Keeping these needless wars going for as long as they have is inexcusable. That money could of went to education, seniors, and to no interest home loans for first time buyers. Think about  all those soldiers that have been killed or badly injured. I do not like the term, "uncle tom", but that seems to fit him. He had a real opportunity to make a historical record as the first Afro-American President, too bad Peace and Justice are not high on his list of importance.  What a failure he has been.  


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