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My Response to Ms. Fluke---the Anti Feminist

Amid all the “controversy” with Ms. Fluke, the Georgetown University grad student whom testified before Congress regarding her “rights” as a woman and the difficulty she has obtaining reproductive health care and Rush Limbaugh, I thought as a young woman myself I would add my two cents about what I think of Ms. Fluke and her position on “women’s rights.”

WARNING: The following remarks may lead to another Obama telephone call… us all.

I am a 26 year-old woman. I went to college and graduate school and was sexually active during these times.  Like Ms. Fluke, I also experienced the financial hardships of being a sexually active student. But unlike Ms. Fluke, I was able to readily solve this problem by taking ownership over my body and respecting myself by being in a relationship with a man that was responsible.  Here are some of the things we did while I was a student at Michigan State and the University of the District of Columbia Law School. Maybe Ms. Fluke can use these ideas to help combat the cost of her made-up $3,000 health care costs.

Condoms. Now, I know for a fact, as a former Resident Assistant, that every college campus has free condoms. I could go to my RA to get them, the local health clinic on campus, or planned parenthood. (Ms. Fluke, just so you know, there is a planned parenthood about four blocks from Georgetown University, you walk in and they have a bucket of condoms, they are free, use them). Also, as a student in the District, you can go to DC Council and obtain free condoms there as well.

Birth Control: Before I left for college my mother wanted me to get on the pill. She knew I had a boyfriend and that I wanted a future, so I got my pap smear and my year supply of birth control. After the first year, my sexual activity and my health was up to me, my grandparents and my mother made that perfectly clear. So after my first prescription ended I went to planned parenthood and obtained what they call a “starter pack.” You get a full year of birth control for $25.00 a month and I didn’t even have to get the pap smear!

My relationship: Yes, sometimes $25 bucks was a lot for a struggling student, but  I never paid the whole $25.00—call me feminist, but if I was going to be in a relationship and be sexually active, my boyfriend and I were both going to be responsible, so we split it! And even better, Ms. Fluke, if my boyfriend didn’t remind me to take my pill, we didn’t have sex. Crazy, I know! But I figured my body was my responsibility and if my man wasn’t on board with that then he wasn’t going to get my body at all.  Ms. Fluke, where is your man? Why are you allegedly paying $3,000 a year and your man isn’t contributing? That doesn’t sound too feminist to me! Instead of worrying about your “access” to contraception, maybe you should ponder as to why you would be in a relationship with a man, or sleeping with anyone, that does not seem concerned with your reproductive health or your future.

Now, I know this will shock you Ms. Fluke, but when times got hard financially we just didn’t have sex. I know it is a crazy concept, but I had this radical idea that if I abstained from sexual activity I could save money on my health care. Yes, it made life stressful at times, and of course I wanted the physical satisfaction that sexual intercourse brings, but as a woman, as an adult, I realized that this is part of growing up and that if I was mature enough to be sexually active than I was mature enough to NOT be sexually active.  Being an adult is hard, isn’t it?!


Tuition: Unlike Ms. Fluke, I was not privileged enough to afford a Georgetown University education. It amazes me that Ms. Fluke thinks the taxpayer should cover her birth control so she can attend one of the most expensive universities in the country. Ms. Fluke, if you switch schools, you would be able to afford your birth control, FYI.


Ms. Fluke, you testified that contraception is a woman’s rights issue; but I must have missed the part of your testimony on women’s personal responsibility over their bodies. This is where I get confused. See, liberal woman keep reminding me of our “rights” but I never hear  the subject of “responsibility” unless of course, it comes to attacking men and their child support payments or demanding they cover half of an abortion.

See, there is this funny thing about “rights” I don’t think you understand Ms. Fluke, and maybe it is because you are a privileged white woman (and therefore as a white person you can’t honestly think you are a victim of anything, now can you?), but when women did not have legal “rights” we were literally the property of men. Our husbands could rape us and we had no legal cause of action; our inheritance was taken from us; our dreams denied, and our control over our own bodies was held in the hands of men.  We had no choice if we got pregnant or not; “No” was not a communication tool to inform others that we did not want to have sex; and personal responsibility and accountability for our lives and our bodies was only something we could  dream of and only hope for our daughters and granddaughters.

Now, sadly, it seems you see “personal responsibility” and “accountability” as an insult to women, as an attack to our “rights” and as some third century masculine ideology created to enslave us. Really?

Ms. Fluke sadly thinks more like all those evil men denying women our constitutional rights than the women she claims to represent and look up to. Men in this time thought women were too simple, too naïve, too incompetent to have control over their own money, their own destiny, and of course their own bodies—so men had to be responsible for our own welfare—we just weren’t capable of doing it on our own.  This is what Ms. Fluke believes. She does not think women are capable of saying “no.” she does not think women are competent enough to plan for their own futures, make tough decisions, and have full autonomy over our bodies; and she definitely doesn’t think a woman has the brain power to plan her own reproductive destiny—she expects others (the taxpayer) to cover this for her (you know, us women thinking and planning may make us faint and all).

At this rate, Ms. Fluke will be the poster child as to why women shouldn’t be able to vote. I mean, if we can’t even keep our legs closed when we know money is tight, how can we be expected to use our brains to pick our leaders?


Ms. Fluke, with all due respect, you are a flake! You are a smart, capable woman, yes?  You learned at a very young age that if you have unprotected sex you can get pregnant or get infected with a sexually transmitted disease. You know the best way to ensure you don’t get pregnant or sick is to refrain from sexual activity. And you also know that women—like men—should be held 100% ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS!

 Why don’t you honor the women that came before you and exercise your reproductive rights by taking control of your OWN body and simply say “no” once in a while?  Instead of spreading your legs, spread your horizons and start practicing what you preach: woman’s rights AND responsibilities—because there is nothing feminist about expecting others’ to take care of you. There is no “right” to do whatever you want and have others pick up the tab; and there is no worse way to insult women than to testify before Congress demanding others take care of you because you are too lazy or entitled to do it yourself.

 Sorry, Ms. Fluke, I am a true feminist, I believe in individual rights and control over my own destiny; apparently this concept is foreign to you---which is a great argument for why you shouldn’t be sexually active at all. What is the problem exactly? Are you terrified of freedom? Are you terrified of taking ownership for the decisions in your life? Is it easier for you to blame Georgetown or the government for the obvious fact that you and your partner are not being responsible? Or is blaming Georgetown and the taxpayer a way for you to deflect from the fact your man doesn’t respect you enough  to help cover the cost of your reproductive health needs? Or maybe you are just more comfortable as property than a person, because property does not have to accountable, only persons do. Maybe you don’t’ want to be free at all, you just want to think you are. Regardless Ms. Fluke, do your fellow women a favor and stop victimizing yourself, the only victims here are the hard working men and women of this country who are now FORCED to pay for your perceived sense of entitlement. As a black woman taxpayer, don’t you think it is the antithesis of feminism to take my hard earned money because you and your man don’t want to pay for your “needs” yourself? I thought we had a movement in this country so I could work hard and determine my own future---I didn’t realize we fought so I could work hard so you could continue to act childish.

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Comment by Marilyn Singleton on March 4, 2012 at 6:35pm

Georgetown should be embarrassed if Ms. Fluke is representative of the attorneys they are producing.

Comment by Chris Arps on March 4, 2012 at 8:14pm

Great post by Shelby! If you like, please share on your Facebook wall or tweet it. Let's get this viral and let the lame stream media know there are other views!

Comment by Talitha McEachin on March 4, 2012 at 8:15pm

Love it Shelby! I didn't know she had a PP clinic that close. The more I learn about this the more ridiculous she is!

Comment by Jim on March 4, 2012 at 8:31pm

Great article!  Way to turn the tables on the libs.  Thanks.

Comment by Hughey Newsome on March 4, 2012 at 8:35pm


Your post is phenomenal.  I took a different view of this situation.  You have the left - Nancy Pelosi and all the others, including Obama - that claim this is not a religious issue, but instead, a women's health issue.  Their star witness, who is now the face of the left's position here, testified to the world that she was so sexually active that she needed $3,000 per year for contraceptives. 

The left, after all of the rhetoric about the health of women, could not find a single objective point person to bring the argument of the need for contraceptive for the health of women at all.  Instead, they used an innocent, naive pawn to take the heat and be out in front.  As she was took the hits, the left attacked the attackers.

All the while, we still do not have an objective argument as to why forcing religious institutions is paramount to women's health.  We have a martyr (Fluke), we have a "villian" (Limbaugh), but we still have no objective reason to force religious institutions to pay for contraceptives in order to further the health of women.

This is how the left operates.  Whether it's Warren Buffet's secretary (still yet to be named in public by Obama) or Fluke or Ty'sheoma Bethea (find her story in the Huffington Post here), the left always finds props to be the front people, to tug at our heartstrings or to draw fire from the opposition.  In the meantime, Buffet's secretary probably makes more than $200,000, Fluke is now the symbol for sexual promiscuity (fairly or unfairly) and Ty'sheoma still has probably not gotten a voucher for a charter school that will allow her to become the first female President.

I guess that what's happen when you can't make objective arguments!

Comment by Chris Arps on March 4, 2012 at 8:38pm

Julene, respectfully, if you believe Ms. Fluke was testifying before congress on the health benefits of birth control pills, then I have some beachfront property in Nebraska that may be of interest to you.

Comment by martha donahue AZ on March 4, 2012 at 8:53pm

Julene,  I have beachfront in AZ to sell to u if u want it.

Comment by Brian McGrath on March 4, 2012 at 9:05pm
Thank you for your post regarding Ms.Fluke, it was on target.
Comment by Teresa Sarne Edmond on March 4, 2012 at 9:19pm

Excellent article! A woman exercising her rights isn't about demanding government paying for her birth control or abortion -- it's about making smart decisions and owning up to the consequences that follow.

Comment by Talitha McEachin on March 4, 2012 at 9:39pm

Amen Teresa!


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