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All My Babies Mamas: Tombstone For Black Families


I like rapper Shawty Lo. His take on rap's current Murder/Drugs/Hoes mantra caught my attention years ago. As a Georgian, his tales of Atlanta's high risk Bankhead area held added gravitas. 

That said, I 100% oppose his upcoming reality TV show on the Oxygen Network.
Its infamous title is, " All My Babies Mamas "  Pardon me while I exhale a ragged sigh.
As a champion of  old school values, I see this show as a tombstone landing atop the fractured carcass of the defunct American Black family unit. 
Lo has 11 children with ten different women???
Dear God, this is liberal moral relativism writ large in the lives of one man; nearly a dozen women and millions like them.
A family "unit" this fractured shouldn't be celebrated. We are drowning in children with no home training ( google it if the term's  too old school for you ).
Seventy two percent of Black babies are born to unwed mothers. 
Let that sink in. 
Nearly 80% of future American Black adults have no father around in their formative years. Instead of reality TV shows celebrating this horror,  programs lauding marriage; responsible fatherhood and mentorship seem a better bet.
Extinction should trump entertainment in sane minds- and not just Black ones. I know the Oxygen Network isn't Black owned, but the threat of a 72% fatherless; poor population endangers everyone.
Producers; Shawty Lo and the women involved have the First Amendment-recognized right to do this show.
An equal First Amendment-recognized right to oppose it is also underway.
I leave it up to each reader to decide whether this show should air.
When Shawty Lo recorded his song, " Dunn Dunn " as in he'd " done it all, " I guess he wasn't kidding when it came to reckless reproduction.
Look at it for some insight into his world:
Sadly, this mindset isn't confined to just one rapper or urban male.
That's why " All My Babies' Mamas " may well be the tombstone some have smashed atop the nearly non-existent American Black family unit. 
Other American demographics are catching up with us by the way.
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative
504 214--3082
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Comment by Chris Arps on January 8, 2013 at 9:00pm

This just wants to make me cuss! Really??????

Comment by CAP BLACK on January 8, 2013 at 9:03pm

Shot caller, ALL our profanity COMBINED isn't as profane as the reality of 11 kids by 10 different women times millions of others in the same boat! 

Comment by Chris Arps on January 8, 2013 at 9:12pm

Amen to that! And it's sad that our people will never admit that Democratic Party social policies directly contributed to this. Is this what MLK. Malcom X, Medgar Edgars and countless others died and we're beaten for?

Comment by CAP BLACK on January 8, 2013 at 9:49pm

They surely didn't die for our "right" to act like ni$$ers!!!!!!

Comment by Warren D Grantham on January 9, 2013 at 12:26pm

Actually, Nadra, that is precisely what they died for.  You see, inherent in the right to act responsibly is the flip side of the coin.  You don't get one without the other.  There are many reasons that we have gotten to this point in history where are, but if there is blame to be laid, I put it squarely at the feet of our religious "leaders" who are more interested in lining the coffers and private bank accounts than they are with the plight of the communities in which they operate.  Please forgive the sweeping generalization, but we did not get to this point without a whole lot of folks misbehaving.

The Democrat Party takes a major share of the blame, though they will never be held responsible.  They are the ones who have be lining the coffers!  Buying the silence of and propping up puppet pulpiteers better known as preachers selling the gospel of government dependency.

Finally, the sheeple that sit in the pews every Sunday listening to the drivel that masquerades as truth.  No, they don't read their Bibles which is in their faces every week--so how could you possibly expect them to get an accurate read on history, i.e.,  Marcus, Malcolm, Medger and Martin.

What we need is a positive, collective wake up call.  But since those who need it would just hit the snooze button anyhow, what's the point.


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