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As Hamas Rockets Rain-Will Obama Offer An Umbrella?

Hamas Rocket Map


Imagine Obama in the Oval Office giving a speech supporting Israel's recent counter-attack on Hams in Gaza? While highly unlikely, it doesn't hurt to imagine.

Since the Truman Administration, the United States has been Israel's chief ally. Since Obama, this role has taken a back seat to pacifying predators.
Since the recent termination of Ahmed Jabari, Hamas military leader since 2006, Jews within 25 miles of Gaza are being warned to stay close to bomb shelters as certain retaliation is expected. 
Jabari sympathizers should note he's responsible, at the very least, for the 1998 deaths of two children in a Hamas attack on a school bus.
Schools and universities in the target zone are set to close. Americans should pause and imagine the terror Israelis feel- awaiting daily rocket attacks to shriek from the sky.
These poor folks experience Battle of Britain style attacks as a regular risk. While we worry about street crime and a bad economy, Israelis near Gaza wonder when death will land on them.
According to the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), since 2001, 12,800 rocket and mortar attacks have been launched.
That's equivalent to three attacks a day!
American Blacks especially,  often worry about police brutality, drive-by shootings and armed robberies. Imagine if rocket and mortar attacks were added to the list? 
Why aren't we demanding Obama take action? It seems our history of church bombings and  night riders hasn't made us more sensitive to the suffering of our community's historic civil rights allies.
American Blacks once were America's moral conscience. now we're cheerleaders for liberals who consider Israel a parish! 

Supporting Israel in her hour of need should be a major civil rights priority. While we worried about alleged voter suppression, they worry about survival as a people. 
As we bicker on TV about whether Black conservatives do it for the money, people plot to detonate themselves for free to terrorize Israelis.
Where do Al Sharpton; Jesse Jackson  and the rest of the liberal lobby stand as this war against Israel's right to exist continues? 
Decent Americans of all colors should blog; tweet; call-in; protest and organize humanitarian support for the only democracy in the Middle East.
While Hams rockets rain, is it too much for Obama to offer an umbrella of enhanced military and intelligence assistance?
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative & One Man Tea Party. asks:
" When will we march against the 'free party'? "
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Comment by Tothian on November 14, 2012 at 11:29pm

That was Obama's #1 Mistake - to stand against Israel. They are the Holy Land and truly are our #1 Ally.

Congress definitely needs to seriously pressure the Administration to do more to show support for Israel. I'm hoping the President doesn't hold a grudge on their Prime Minister for his near-endorsement of Mitt Romney. That was because Romney was strongly emphasizing the need for stronger U.S./Israel relations during the campaign.

If Obama wants to avoid the direction he's headed toward - and that's being remembered as one of the worst Presidents - even worse than Jimmy Carter - he needs to take certain steps now to fix that.

Comment by Darryl Hamilton on November 16, 2012 at 7:05am

Did you not hear about the joint US and IDF excercise Austere Challenge 12? It just concluded a few days ago.

I can't copy and past the link here. But you can Google it. I think it may answer your question.


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