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Chicago Schools Bribe Trifling Parents

Chicago Public Schools Parents

When government has to bribe parents to get their children's report cards it shows just how low some have sunk.

This is happening in the president's hometown of Chicago, where $25 Walgreens gift cards are dangled to entice parents into getting their kids report cards and attending parent-teacher conferences.
When parents are that disinterested in their children it's unfair to blame school systems or society.
The old school Black diagnosis of this behavior is called, "trifling."
Trifling behavior was the ultimate condemnation in the Hood BC ( Before Crack ). It meant a total failure of self-respect and embarrassment to the community.
Parents should be ashamed to have to be bribed to act like parents. But, liberals have produced this inert class who only respond to government incentives. 
Such neglect gives rise to parental responsibility ordinances where fines and possible arrest are imposed upon trifling parents.
It goes without saying Chicago's public school system is majority Black. Once again,  inner city dysfunction is again the culprit.
In the 1990s, Newt Gingrich once floated a residential group home idea where urban youth would be raised apart from the waste lands they inhabit.
Liberal out cry was loud and immediate but the fact remains, when parents refuse to parent and inflict illiterate, violent off spring upon society, what are we to do? 
Somewhere between penalties and group homes may lie the answer.
The fact that parents even participate in such an embarrassing program tells you how trifling many are in zip codes 
where trifling behavior amounts to a death sentence!
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