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The September jobs report was no surprise: no change.  It seems the White House has finally taken responsibility for this economy and its dismal performance by calling the 9.1% unemployment rate “unacceptably high.”  In a recent interview with ABCNews' George Stephanopoulos, the president acknowledged that Americans are "not better off" than they were four years ago.  

The swag is gone.  The excuses are gone.  The affirmative action presidency is gone.  Barack Obama is now being treated like his forty-three predecessors.  Mainstream media is beginning to ask tough questions about Solyndra and Fast & Furious, the Marxist-wing of the Left is looking for a more radical candidate, and the late night shows are making Obama the butt of their jokes.
Despite his 42% job approval rating, the president has doubled-down on Stimulus 1.5.  It’s a repeat of the 2009 Stimulus for half the price tag.  In it are temporary tax credits, redistribution of tax dollars, and permanent tax hikes.  Is there any reason Democrats don’t have the votes to pass it in the Senate? 

Yet, this latest debate about the president’s jobs bill is a caricature of the last three years. Obama only knows tax and spend.  The “shellacking” he took last November was a message that the country does not intend to lift their boats off the tide of their grandchildren and job creators.  Still the president plunged ahead with his class warfare rhetoric, pitting Americans against one another.  In previous decades we honored those who had matriculated to comfort, but today we hate them.

It is a compliment to America that what divides us is not the color of the president, but it is a criticism to that same president that we are divided by class.  A president who promised to bring us all together has separated us farther apart.  A president who admitted a year ago that you do not raise taxes on job creators in a down economy has proposed a half a trillion dollars tax increase.  All the while capital sits on the sidelines, hiring sits on companies’ back burners, and Americans who want jobs sit at home.  

It is time for the president to show pragmatism over partisan politics.  If he would actually heed his own advice and put country over party: taxes would be permanently reduced, regulations would be rescinded, and drilling for oil would be reopened.  The president must believe in America. This is how he will get Americans working again.  

Rev. Isaac Hayes is a Republican Strategist and Commentator, and was a Candidate for U.S. House in 2010. Follow him on twitter at

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