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Orville Lloyd Douglas should be commended for reminding us, without race baiting, that perhaps North America hasn't consigned anti-Black bias to the ashbin of history.
As a Canadian Black, he offered insight into race relations within America's neighbor to the North.
Some there and here will debate whether the negatives noted are valid. That's how these discussions flow.
It reminded me of the environment I opposed growing up in Savannah, GA., a place I once indelicately called, " America's longest running plantation. "
As a community, Blacks and Whites still played repressive roles which frankly should have been shelved in the 1960s.
I picked up my rhetorical lance and ran out as a knight errant on the side of jousting this mindset by standing up for myself as an individual and not merely the role some felt I was supposed to play.
Black folks, no matter our national origin, are individuals just like the rest of the species.
I always defended my individuality, which was at odds with the servile role Savannahians Black and White felt was appropriate.
While my skin tone is " black as the ace of spades " to use an old expression, color is my God-given gift wrapping, not the sum total of the package ( my soul; intellect, actions ).
Mr. Douglas may have opened a window on where Canada stands on the clock of social progress.
As an American from the South who refused to dine on the Jim Crow-lite buffet offered in his youth, I can appreciate his article and its message.
Individuals react differently to the societies around them. 
If anything, it seems to me he was brutally honest about his reactions and that in itself is an liberating act of individualism.
He could have just stayed quiet or simply played to the group consensus among Canadian Blacks and spared himself the controversy.
Being an individual means taking risks and standing apart from conventional wisdom, something most folks of any color are loathe to do. 
Keep your head up brother, is my response to his article, " I Hate Being A Black Man " because dignity comes from within and no group, Black or White, can mandate it for you.
Whether it's Jim Crow or Jean Crowe, Black folks must define ourselves regardless of definitions the worst outside ( or within ) our ranks try to mandate.
Cap Black The Hood Conservative 
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" Be your OWN Superhero!"

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Comment by Lynne Roberts on November 19, 2013 at 12:14pm

Excellent points, as usual! Love the "longest running plantation".


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