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Lauyrn Hill’s federal mugshot.


Please read and consider the irony: type " tax protester " and an angry White male often comes to mind.


I wonder if this is an isolated incident or, in light of other Black celebrity tax evaders, whether this is a trend -especially in a DOWN economy that's been hurting " no-aires " and even millionaires it seems.

As surprising a bit of news as any I've heard but hardly unprecedented. 20th century greats like Jesse Owens; Joe Lewis; Redd Foxx and Sammy Davis, Jr. among others had very high profile tax issues.

Some will nod in silent agreement with the sister and a tally of supporter's ideologies will span the spectrum as people of all backgrounds feel increasingly cheated by government.


I'm a boring " do right " type brother but I read her blog post and what I saw was a left-of-center response to what other Americans feel is the inviolate status quo.


She's rich and ironically a plus in tax disputes because she can afford to pay ( hopefully ) and offers the IRS good PR while sending the not-so-subtle message that even super stars can't out run the Tax Man.


But I also know with less people able to pay taxes in what I call this " non-economy " fleet footed fat cats become high value targets.


Nobody likes paying taxes. Some Americans travel Leftward and Rightward roads preaching this dislike  and find themselves at the same destination- declaring paying taxes a violation of their basic, G-d given rights!

I leave the final decision on taxes to the reader.


She has given us something to think about at any rate.


Nadra Enzi

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