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Macho Camacho: Score One For The Cowards!

Hector Camacho celebrates after defeating RoberDuran their super middlewight National Boxing Associatichampionship fight Denver Saturday night July 14 2001. (AP

Hector Camacho celebrates after defeating Roberto Duran in their super middlewight National Boxing Association championship fight in Denver on Saturday night, July 14, 2001. (AP Photo/Ed 


NOTE: This revised post has the word "coward" substituted for the term "pygmy" A Fellow conservative of color called me and suggested using a less racially misunderstood word.


Brother Hector, I know you can't hear me nor read this but lovers of warrior spirit pray you will awaken unharmed. If anyone can fight back through a gun shot-induced coma- it's you.

To your credit, it's worth noting your attacker wouldn't have dared this attack bare handed. The "macho" of thugs amounts to little men hiding behind big guns.

Your boxing record of 88 bouts with 79 wins ( 45 by knock out ) shows you didn't need anything other than fists and foot work in the ring.

Puerto Rico has some fearsome stats of its own to consider.

This year has seen 995 murders on the island. This figure is on pace to tie a 1994 high in homicides. Local authorities state 70% of these killings are drug related.

 You've had your issues with drugs and crime. Whether this played a role in your shooting remains to be seen.

What is clear is urban violence there and on the mainland make urban male life a risky proposition.

Brother Hector, should you recover, use your fame and second chance to tell young men that savagery isn't the only option.

You can still be a champion to boys and men whose "ring" is the street corner, where there are no rules and winner takes all- including his opponent's life.

Right now its score one for the coward who shot you. 


Wake up. 

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