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Mitt Romney and Black conservatives have a date with destiny November 6th, 2012,
Critics won't "get " this because their narrow minds condemn him as a racist and Black conservatives as non-existent.
This candidate and community share two deep core values, evangelism and entrepreuerism, which bridge whatever differences exist.
This faith/free market dynamic allow these minorities ( yes, Mormons are the Other M-Word too! ) to march toward freedom against significant odds.
Romney's nomination is itself seismic for this every reason. When a barrier to full participation falls for one group of Americans, it theoretically falls for all.
The modern  Democratic coalition of pale politburos; sun tanned socialists strangling Black institutions and chocolate Klansmen bullying dissidents is in trouble.
Should Romney win and avail himself of Black conservative expertise then our shared faith/free market dynamic can have government as an ally instead of an obstacle to reform.
Mitt Romney and Black conservatives stand poised to renew the broad promise of evangelism and entrrepruerism in this country, alongside other like minded Americans.
Free at last?
We'll see.
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