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burnell-allen.jpg Burnell Allen *Orleans Parish
Sheriffs Office

( NEW ORLEANS ): Sisters and brothers of all colors, but ESPECIALLY sisters and brothers of MY color, here is what urban death culture does:

Burnell Allen of New Orleans, father of five year old fallen angel Brianna Allen, was just arrested Wednesday August 15th, 2012 on a second degree murder charge.

Mr. Allen is 32 and Lonnie Johnson, who he's accused of killing is 21. All this carnage happening to people much younger than my 46 years.

Urban death culture has us destroying ourselves with an abandon that makes retired Ku Klux Klansmen green with envy???

Whether this was retaliation for his daughter's death remains to be confirmed.

What is confirmed is how this arrest and the tragedy before it illustrate the cheapness of Black life within inner city zip codes.

My generation stands watch on the worst era of internal violence in Black American history.

While bleak, there is some hope on the national horizon.

The Reverend Al Sharpton, no favorite of my fellow conservatives has announced an " Occupy the Corner " campaign in New York starting Friday August 17th from 11pm-1am and continuing subsequent Fridays; Saturdays and Sundays for four weekends to cool down hot spots and forward information on neighborhood needs.
  al sharpton occupy the corner  
I applaud Rev. Sharpton for this move.

Urban death culture will ONLY end when those closest to it rally against it.

Years ago I looked at the filled-in hole where my high school friend Richard Robinson was shot between his eyes by a chocolate Klansman who robbed the store Richard night managed.

I think about Mr. Williams whose service station my grand father took me to as a boy.

He was murdered by an armed robber i.e. chocolate Klansman.

All this mayhem happened in the inner city.

It wasn't the Aryan Nation.

It wasn't Al Qaeda.

The culprits were weapons of mass destruction launched from somebody's dinner table; somebody's family somewhere inside the inner city.

The same with little Brianna's murderer.

And likely that of 21 year old Lonnie Johnson.

Occupying the corners against this death march through inner city America is the right move at the right time.

If we don't, how can we dare accuse others of discrimination? Rev Sharpton's " Occupy The Corners " call.

Nadra Enzi

NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK, BLACK LIFE SUPERHERO FOR EVERYBODY! promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082.

nadracaptblack@gmail is where Pay Pal donations can be sent to assist my Hood Conservative efforts which rescues ENDANGERED traditional values like respect for the law and FIRST ourselves inside ” OCCUPIED TERRITORY  ( THE INNER CITY! ) ” * I can also run down to the nearest Western Union too! LOL


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