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Obama Victory Means Playing Ball With Statism?


Obama's re-election means more government in our lives.

Republicans find themselves like English Conservative Party peers, now openly cast as the party of slower statism compared to swifter liberal competitors. 
Whether the next mid term election bears this out remains to be seen. Americans just chose to be more-or-less a social democracy with mandatory health care and other measures.
A feeding frenzy may erupt in GOP and tea party ranks over who wasn't " conservative enough " at precisely the time when unity is needed.
Traditional values; smaller government and free market solutions stand deeper in the shadow of a triumphant Democratic " free party. "
This free party coalition, like FDRs, is n unlikely alliance of middle income Whites and a rainbow coalition of impoverished voters determined Obama will give them what they need.
Coming days will prove whether aggressive statism will create more jobs, especially for Black men who've become economic exiles.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        England's prime minister, David Cameron, is someone American conservatives should familiarize themselves with. 
Behind the Scenes with David Cameron
English conservatives play ball with a nation whose free party sets the agenda- even for those claiming to be its ideological opposite.
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative. asks:
" When will we march against the 'free party'? "
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