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Russell Simmons Wants Peace Keepers in Schools: Not Armed Guards

Peace Keepers is a mostly Black male violence mediation group founded by Mr. Dennis Muhammad in 2008, a member of Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam.
Unarmed, they squash "beefs " ( disputes ) between urban men before triggers are pulled. Here in New Orleans and elsewhere, they have hotlines people can call when tempers flare.
Media mogul Russell Simmons recently called for Peace Keepers to be deployed as opposed to armed guards or more police in America's schools.
As a citizen on patrol, I support the Peace Keepers concept since urban men are best positioned to address the homicide exploding in our ranks.
When Russell Simmons said they should be placed in schools instead of armed guards or more police, it raises a question:
" Will school systems fund an organization whose heroic mediation includes close ties to Louis Farrakhan, considered racist and anti-Semitic by many in the mainstream? "
Active in 25 US cities and the United Kingdom, if the Farrakhan question can be successfully resolved, the Peace Keepers will mediate disputes beyond their inner city beat.
" I Am Present For Peace! " is their motto.
More peace is what we need and where possible, it should be privately provided instead of relying on government.
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Comment by George E. Boykin on January 14, 2013 at 9:58pm

Was wondering when the little knome, Russell Simmons, would jump into the conversation. As with Reverends Hymietown and Shakedown, Spike Lee and the rest of the Niggeratti, including JayZ and Beyonce, the only way to get rid of these folk with absolute certainty is to do the Count Dracula dispatch: sneak up on them during mid-day while they're resting in their coffins and drive wooden stakes through their hearts. Then, run like you stole something because Satan will be mighty pissed.

Comment by Vicki Murphy Entsminger on January 16, 2013 at 12:25pm

so i take it by the name that these peace keepers are unarmed?im also wondering how they would make any more of a difference than all the rest of the unarmed people already in the school.i dont agree with having armed gaurds like the national gaurd standing in schools but a open carry and training program sounds reasonable to me.i went to school in one of the largest cities in iowa we had a truant officer that patroled the school and grounds that isnt to far reaching to imagine that for all schools instead of a vice pr. have it be a truant officer with a weapon on him of course then the school isnt out extra money and you have someone in the school that can stop any kind of violence 


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