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Symbol of Secession 2.0

A liberal rainbow coalition charge conservative calls for secession from the union as " racist " in the wake of Obama's re-election victory.

Instant messaged images of the War Between the States and American captives flash in their fevered minds. 
Sounds right, doesn't it?
Actually, no.
This time around the "confederacy " is more a cyber-ocracy where outraged patriots ( of all colors ) frankly discuss  divorcing themselves from a regime seen as against traditional values like limited government and individual sovereignty.
Conservatism is a multi-ethnic community. Lately, Its major public figure is arguably embattled Congressman Allen West, who is Black last time I checked.
His fervent following alone dismisses racism allegations, as does veneration for economist Thomas Sowell; US Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas; former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice; liberty messengers Keith Carl Smith; Deneen Borelli and numerous others.
Secession 2.0 may be anti-Black liberal but it's also anti-liberalism period- regardless of packaging.
Those articulating this view correctly feel government is poised to control Americans through Obamacare. When ever DC can fine you for not insuring your God-given body- that's oppression! 
When this measure forces religious based healthcare providers to comply with policies contrary to their beliefs- that's oppression!
When a foreign policy is pursued that favors murderers and dictators to the exclusion of supporting long time ally, Israel- that's oppression! 
When Black voters defiantly vote for the president because of color alone and through proxies, this chief executive encourages it- that's oppression. 
Far from a hate fest, Secession 2.0 is about love: love of country; love of traditional values; love of an evolving universal identity called American that anyone of any color; class or creed can become.
This identity has been enriched by pilgrims; slaves; confederates; abolitionists and other contributors to the culture. Their common theme was liberty, addressed from diverse perspectives.
Is Secession 2.0 based in racism or realism?
It's based in realism- the reality that government must  listen to Americans who didn't vote to trade freedom for oppression in this last presidential election. 
Secession 2.0 is a cry in the big government wilderness for peaceful dissenters to finally be heard- not demonized and dismissed! 
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Comment by Tothian on November 14, 2012 at 11:21pm

It would be unfortunate for any states to have to succeed. Especially any of the conservative states which could help add some electoral votes for potential Republican Presidential Nominee Chris Christie against potential Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016.

It's weird how in the era of the first Civil War and even in to the Reconstruction Era, all the southern states voted Democratic, all of the Northern states voted Republican. There was even a clear line, too. Nowadays it's all reversed. The northern states vote Democratic while the southern states vote Republican.

It was originally that the Republicans favored black's rights. While now it's appearing to be the Democrats. It's widely known but little regarded fact that Lincoln the first Republican President freed the slaves. Or how Martin Luther King Jr. (who didn't just seek black power, but rather that man be judged not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character) was also a Republican. Of course got to give credit to Democrat JFK for his role with civil rights groups in regards to racial desegregation.

Also I hope Allen West runs again in 2014 and wins again. It happens often when ever Congressmen lose their re-election bids to a 2nd two year term. Even happened with Bill Clinton at a time when Arkansas' Governors terms were 2 years instead of 4. (He won in a two-year term in 1978, lost in 1980, won again in 1982, 1984, won a four-year term in 1986, 1990), also former Gov. Ted Strickland of Ohio when he lost a re-election bid for Congress in like the 90's. And Alan Grayson had a weird win/loss thing in the U.S. Congress in Florida. He lost in 2006, won in 2008, lost in 2010, won in 2012. It could also help to run in a more Conservative/Tea Party favoring district. They don't even have to live in the Congressional district that they run in. They just have to have residence in that state. U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich from Ohio (also sough Dem Nod for Prez in '04 and '08) lost a renomination bid against another fellow incumbent Congressman in 2012 due to redistricting, and weirdly enough considered running for re-election in another state entirely - Washington (state). He most likely would've had to have residence there, which I think he did but not sure? Anyway, he decided not to, and instead just chose to retire from Congress entirely.

Nadra Enzi, would you still consider running for Congress in 2014?


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